Alternate Coverage of the Summit

Dozens of people were blogging, twittering, and plurking away during the Summit. Here is a listing (not comprehensive) of those bloggers and mainstream media journalists that covered the event.


Flickr photos tagged with: GVSummit08

News Coverage:

For a complete list of mainstream media coverage of Global Voices and the Summit see our Media Archive.

This page serves as an archive of the media mentions we’re aware of. If we’ve missed any, please let us know via the contact form.

Video Interviews

A collection of video interviews with some of the GVO core members and authors for Italian Radio Radicale.

Video of Cristina Quisbert talking about Voces Bolivianas

Luis Carlos Díaz talks about elections, blogs and media in Venezuela.

Video of Rosental Calmon Alves’ closing remarks


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Summarize Summit Tag Feed

Blogs in English

Technorati search of blog posts tagged with GVSummit08.

Digiactive: GV Summit Share Your Story

Battle of the Brainwashed

Interview with Joi Ito

Global Voices Summit 2008 in Budapest

Rising Voices

For Global Voices: About wheelchairs and mobility

Posts tagged as gv2008 at My heart’s in Accra….

GV Summit Blogged, almost live

Towards a total human rights outlook

Posts tagged as gvsummit08 a the Jackfruity

Posts tagged as gvsummit2008 at RConversation

Lessons Learned from Global Voices 2008

GV Sumit 08 Impressions

Meet Nasim Fekrat

The dangers of blogging for democracy

Blogs in other languages

Social Media Exchange [Arabic]

Global Voices Summit 08 ( en francais) (French)

Global Voices Online: la voix des inaudibles et la censure (French)

Posts tagged as Gloval Voices at Infoxicadoes (Spanish)

Posts tagged as GVSummit08 at MedeaMaterial (Spanish)

Comienza el Citizen Media Summit 2008, tercer congreso anual de periodismo ciudadano de Global Voices (Spanish)

Posts tagged as Global Voices Summit at ‘o novo alriada express’ (Portuguese)

Budajest on Saturdaje (Italian)

Budapest #3 (o dell’inquietudine) (Italian)

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