The Summit is Now Over!

Image by Neha Viswanathan

The Global Voices Citizen Media Summit 2008 brought together members of the Global Voices Online citizen media project, and its wider community with a diverse group of bloggers, activists, technologists, journalists around the world, for two days of public discussions and workshops.

Global Voices, Global Voices Advocacy and Média Hungária hosted the Summit in Budapest, Hungary on June 27-28, 2008 with generous support from McCormick Tribune Foundation, Berkman Center for Internet and Society, Google, Open Society Institute, Knight Foundation, European Journalism Centre and dotSUB.

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Coverage and Archives

Weren't there? We have archives of the liveblog and videos for all the public sessions so you can catch up.

Many people present, bloggers and other journalists, were also covering the event, check out the Alternative Coverage Summary for details.

Summit Updates

Thank You (with Photos)

Anyone who arrived in Budapest thinking the Global Voices Citizen Media Summit was going to be an ordinary conference, will have been seriously surprised. The media accolades and heart felt blog posts after the Summit have kept piling in on our RSS readers. No one is more thankful than we are to everyone who traveled […]

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Session 3 of the second day of Global Voices Citizen Media summit focused on the state of “conversation” (or lackthereof) in the world today, when both sides speak, but neither of them listens or tries to understand. The session which carried the name “When Biases Meet Biases” featured Isaac Mao, John Kennedy and Rebecca MacKinnon. […]

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